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Tonic Wine

Herbs in Wine have a rich history in Chinese Medicine that goes back thousands of years in China. Herbs and Wine have a complementary synergistic effect that can be beneficial in treating many illnesses. 

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Benefits of Tonic Wine include: 
    1. Herbal Tonic Wine has a synergistic effect in extracting out the essences of the herbs active ingredients.
    2. Herbal Tonic Wine improves blood circulation.
    3. Herbal Tonic Wine is able to direct the medicinal benefits to various parts of the body by improving blood circulation.
    4. Herbal Tonic Wine is able to preserve the herbs as well as ease of consuming.

Common symptoms suitable for consuming Tonic Wine include;
  • Tiredness 
  • Feeling of coldness in Hands and Legs 
  • Poor Blood Circulation
  • Rheumatism and body aches
  • General Weakness 
  • Post illness Recuperation 

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*Please consult your physician first if you have medical conditions not suitable for consuming less than 30ml of 33% alcohol per day.