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TCM Clinic Services

Our TCM Clinic offer a wide range of general medical care like 
    1. Cough and Cold 
    2. Indigestion and gastro-intestinal disorders
    3. Joints and muscles pain management,
    4. Kids’ common illness like lack of appetite, cough and cold.  

Our Registered TCM physician has special interest in managing;  
1) Metabolic syndromes care like Diabetes, Cholesterol levels and Weight Management
Metabolic syndromes arise when the metabolic rate slowdown in individual due to age or a less than ideal lifestyle habit that affect the health over an extended period of time. By managing the Liver, Spleen (Digestive system) and the Kidneys functions, TCM aim to improve the metabolic syndromes together with a healthy lifestyle modification to improve the overall health being of the individual. 

2) Infertility
Infertility is a common condition among couples living as modern city dwellers with hectic lifestyle. It affects both the men and the women. There are many reasons that cause infertility. These could include different medical condition of the reproduction systems, age, lifestyle, diet and stress.  TCM aim to manage the deficiency in ying and yang of the various organs, strengthen the womb of the woman, and improve the male vitality.  TCM want to create a balance in the body to an ideal state of health to be ready for pregnancy.

3) Anxiety disorders
Anxiety disorders has seen an increasing trends in recent years due to mismanagement for a prolong period of time of the various stress of living in a developed city. Through managing the liver, heart and spleen, and working together with the motivated patient, TCM can help to manage well the quality of life of the patient and eventually set him on the raod to recovery with motivated lifestyle modifications. 

TCM treatment for certain medical conditions will not have full recovery in only one consultation session. Our TCM Clinic aim to bring quality healthcare at affordable prices to the public, as we believe that taking care of our patients’ health is a long term relationship.

TCM Clinic Operating Hours 

Monday - Saturday                 : 900 a.m. - 730 p.m.

Sunday & Public Holidays      : 900 a.m. - 100.p.m.

Consult our Registered TCM Physician now @ Blk 210 Hougang St 21 #01-237 S(530210) Tel: 62882546 to improve your health. 

TCM charges

Consultation + Medications
针灸 + 
Acupuncture + Cupping 
Other Medications
Will be advised accordingly.