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Traditional Chinese Herbs
We have rich traditions of providing an extensive number of Chinese Herbs to meet to the demands of the public. We have in our inventories more than 1000 Chinese Herbs that are used widely by TCM physicians and the public. 

All these Chinese Herbs are cleaned and store properly to maintain a high quality control for good efficacy of the herbs. Many customers will come with their own TCM prescriptions or secret family prescriptions and our experienced staffs will get their prescription ready. 

We are proud that we make the effort to maintain an extensive number of Chinese herbs to cater to the communities so that the tradition form of herbs can be seen by the public.

We also carry many types of flowers tea leaves such as Rose Buds, Jasmine, and Lavender to cater to the fragrant loving flower tea lovers.

You can visit our store for your prescriptions herbs or leave a photocopy one in our database and we will get it ready by the time you come and collect it.

Visit us now @ Blk 210 Hougang St 21 #01-237 S(530210) Tel: 62882546

Chinese Medicinal Herbs