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Herbal Soups


At Herbs Health Ben Cao Kang Mu with our TCM and Herbal expertise, we prepare an extensive numbers of Herbal Soup recipes to cater to the management of many health conditions. On top of the many types of Herbal Tea, we also carefully prescribe our in house recipes to meet to the general daily needs of various health conditions. 

Herbs Health Ben Cao Kang Mu has over 100 Herbal formulae selections like Women Tonic soup, Lungs Tonic soup, Hair Tonic soup, Eyes Tonic soup, Brain Tonic soup as well as various Kids care soups like cough and cold, and lack of appetite. These are popular choices which are prescribed in accordance with TCM’s principles by our registered TCM physicians. 

On special occasion in Chinese calendar like 补冬 where traditional communities prepared themselves for the year end chilling weather, we packed many tonic soups to celebrate the occasion.

Visit us now @ Blk 210 Hougang St 21 #01-237 S(530210) Tel: 62882546 to brew the soups that cater to your family needs.