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TCM Confinement Services
Confinement is a period in every mother’s life that requires special needs and care. During pregnancy and after giving birth, the mother has been giving the very best of her health to meet to the healthy needs of the baby. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine principles, confinement is the best time to improve the health of the mother.Traditional Chinese Medicine Confinement
At Herbs Health 本草康目, we will systematically introduce the various tonics needed by the mother, week by week.
  • Week one will be when the mother need to clear away the stasis in the womb and special tonics will be prepare for this purpose. 
  • For the subsequent days and weeks, special formulae tonics will be prepared for her to improve her Qi and Blood, strengthen her liver, heart, spleen (digestive system) , lungs and kidneys.
  • These specially prepared herbs aim to strengthen her lower back, prevent hair loss, headache, body aches and getting off any wind in the body. These include hair tonics and back tonics specially formulated for after birth Mommies.
  • With a good TCM confinement, we aim to restore and improve the health of the mother back to pre- pregnancy stage.
  • All the herbal soup tonics are prescribed by our Registered TCM physicians.
  • All the herbs will only be pack upon order to maintain freshness of the herbs and clear instructions on how to cook will be labelled.

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Make an appointment now @ Blk 210 Hougang St 21 #01-237 S(530210) Tel: 62882546 to find out more in details how Herbs Health 本草康目 can improve the quality of your confinement.

Compromising on the mother's health is not an option during confinement.

*Post natal women with special post natal medical conditions do consult your physician.