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Children Tonics

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Depositphotos_55739365_s-2015.jpgIn this modern society, our children are given extensive of care by the parents since birth. Yet, some of them show signs of recurring illness especially once they start going to nursery and exposed to more others individuals.

In TCM principles, some children have immature respiratory immune system and they present symptoms of recurring
  • running nose,
  • fever,
  • cough and cold.

In order to boost their immune system, we have TCM tonics that specifically treat the roots of the conditions. We will aim to improve the functions of not only the lungs, but also that of the spleen and the kidneys. In TCM, the lungs, spleen and kidneys are very important organs to maintain the well-being of the respiratory system.

Only by improving the key functions of these three organs, we can aim to strengthen the respiratory immune system of your child to make them strong and healthy.

It is very important to understand the TCM medical concept that on top of this children tonic, the child must adhere to a good diet, good sleep and good exercise lifestyle.

With time and cooperation in all aspects, we can achieve our objectives to make the child healthy and active.

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