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Brown Rice Powder

As your lovely baby grow up and start taking solid foods, many parents will select Brown rice powder as an alternative food choice. Brown rice powder provides the essential carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals such as calcium and iron to supplement the growth of your child. 

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At Herbs Health Ben Cao Kang Mu, we carefully wash our brown rice thoroughly and dry it with our in-house Dryer Machine to ensure the Brown rice is washed clean and dried thoroughly. 
The Brown rice will then be grind with our in-House Brown rice grinder machine to fine powder to be more easily consumed and digested by the child. 

At Herbs Health Ben Cao Kang Mu, we also supplement the Brown Rice powder with small quantity of Si Shen Herbs ( includes Chinese Herbs Huai Shan, Fu Ling, Lian Zi, Qian Shi) to improve the digestion of the child, and American Ginseng to improve the Qi (Energy) and expel any heat in the child.

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